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KHIMOD develops production units of molecules of interest by catalytic synthesis.

The solutions developed by KHIMOD address a wide range of chemical reactions occuring in sectors such as energy or chemistry. KHIMOD proposes Production Units involving methane synthesis for Power to Gas (as well as Waste to Gas). They also propose Isolated Site Units producing liquid fuel, or even Production Units of KSMs (Key Starting Materials) for chemistry.

The core of KHIMOD strategy, as a green tech company, is to reduce anthropic CO2 either by transforming it into molecules of interest or by improving the energy efficiency (less CO2 emissions) of the different catalytic syntheses that KHIMOD units are able to address.

Production units developed by KHIMOD integrate an innovative heat exchanger-reactor manufactured through a diffusion bonding process. This assembly process provides unparalleled levels of performance for thermal control of highly demanding reactions as well as high levels of safety.

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