from spark to lightning

With over 20 years of existence and experience, ITHPP has become the French leader in high-pulsed power and high-power microwave technologies. 

Driven by customer specifications, IHTPP designs and manufactures highly adapted and innovative systems linking the technologies to scientific research, civil and military applications. 

High Pulsed Power technologies allow the amplification of electrical power delivery  over a shorter burst duration. Since energy is the product of power over time, by maintaining a constant flow of energy and reducing the duration of the pulse it is possible to achieve powers in excess of a hundred Gigawatts.

High Powered Microwaves are very highly charged electromagnetic pulsations capable of disturbing and even destroying electronic components used in increasingly complex systems. The interest in these high powered microwaves are due to the vast array of usages, varying from more classic usages (Radar types) to more advanced technologies, such as those used  in Electronic Warfare.

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