precision instrumentation and robotics

For more than 30 years, IRELEC designs and manufactures high technology equipment for demanding applications, such as large research infrastructures (particle accelerators, power laser …) and medical research centres.

The reputation of its excellence has been affirmed in France as well as worldwide: IRELEC supplies and maintains in operational conditions equipment all over Europe, in Americas and in Asia.

IRELEC commitment to its customers is based on its ability to adapt robust solutions to their specific constraints, thanks to IRELEC expertise in high precision mechanical engineering, robotics, ultra-high vacuum technologies and cryogenics.

IRELEC main product lines:

  • Opto-mechanical systems for X-ray beam transport and conditioning
  • Robotic systems intended to complex processes, such as biological samples manipulation in cryogenic environment
  • Test benches (power electronics characterization, detection of pollution by nanoparticles, control of magnetic structures…)

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