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Thermal engineering

Thermics concern producing heat (or cold) and its transfer by means of various physical phenomena, more especially, conduction, convection and radiation.

Thermal phenomena observed are multiple, complex and often interconnected.

Conduction generates thermo-mechanical phenomena, convection thermo-fluidic phenomena and radiation brings us back to the atom.

There are various sources of thermal energy from electricity dissipation and radio frequency to combustion with thermochemistry and thermofluidics.

The main thermal control systems are based on electrical effects (Peltier, thermoelectricity), changes of phase (capillary pumped two-phased fluid loops) and chemical phenomena (endo- and exo-thermic effects).

Material does not behave the same way at very low temperature (cryogenics) as at very high temperature (2000-3000°).

ALCEN possesses exceptional know-how for understanding and mastering all the thermal phenomena that affect basic components such as sub-systems or even complete systems (aircraft, satellites, trains, buildings, etc.). This know-how is vital both for their design, their construction and keeping them in operation, especially in the case of systems confronted with severe environments (aeronautics, space, defence, etc.).

ALCEN is participating in the development of the FAHRENHEIT platform, the first private platform for mutualizing knowledge of thermics. In partnership with the State, the Caisse des Dépôts et de Consignation, the Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine regions, the Aerospace Valley pole and the urban district of Toulouse, 35 associates from the world of Industry, Research and Training have joined together to set up the platform.

 FAHRENHEIT has been born as a result of exchanges between specialists in thermics, certain that a large amount of knowledge and services could be mutualized for:

  • increasing the ambitions of research projects of common interest;
  • not limiting the use of this knowledge and these services to immediately profitable scientific and technical domains;
  • not limiting their access to a restricted number of actors or, in practical terms, a few large companies capable of financing them.

FAHRENHEIT is hinged on a mutualization core concept (human, scientific and technological resources) piloted by an association of members (CELSIUS) with common economic and scientific interests in thermics and run by a subsidiary of the ALCEN group (EPSILON), which manages research, training and test activities for financing and feeding the mutualization core. 

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