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Radioactive environment

ALCEN Group is a worldwide actor in the nuclear power chain, from nuclear fuel enrichment to dismantling and waste-processing:

From design through operations, ALCEN offers a full range of supplies and services for existing and future nuclear power plants for optimizing installations’ availability and productivity, whilst insuring maximum safety conditions at the same time.



Consulting, design, manufacture, control, integration: ALCEN supplies mechanical and control engineering services for the whole development cycle of complete nuclear fuel production lines (powder preparation, screw presses, sheathing), handling and storage systems (portals, assemblies, armored containers). All these systems, integrated in glove-box or biologically protected, are designed and built by design offices and production units of the Group.

From one platform to another, for specific custom piping, ALCEN manufactures parts with standard or special dimensions, especially by using exclusive cold-forming processes, notably hydroforming, allowing manufacture of form parts using piping without any welding operations.

For control and monitoring, ALCEN installs video-cameras for its partners: in glove boxes for fuel dimensional and visual controls, immersed in borated water pools inside reactor buildings to control load and unload of uranium bar and in steam generators to monitor maintenance operations.

All the Group’s dedicated construction work meets qualification requirements corresponding to RCC-M, RCC-MX or others nuclear codes.



ALCEN Group provides services in assistance support, maintenance and obsolescence management to its clients for:

  • improving availability of installations;
  • reinforcing safety and reducing human radiation exposure;
  • reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Its offers include inspection, maintenance, repair, components replacement and redesign, expertise and engineering operations.

Particularly careful and concerned about human life and safety, ALCEN is developing robotized solutions for maintenance and dismantling operations in a hostile environment, which result in minimum or zero exposure to radiation for the operators, with any loss in reactivity or efficiency.

Systems of manufacturing of fuel pellets
Mechanical & realization Engineering
Seamless fittings for Nuclear applications
Electronic & realization engineering

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