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Adapting materials to the constraints dictated by systems is frequently decisive for  fully complying with specifications. In this respect, knowledge on materials’ properties, but also on their applications and their evolution over time can be decisive.

ALCEN has acquired a wide range of knowledge in this field.


Metallic materials

ASTF specializes in shaping aluminum alloys mainly for civil and military aircraft and nuclear power installations.

SERCS mainly works with nickel, cobalt or magnesium-based metals chosen for their characteristics when hot and their resistance to corrosion at high temperature, especially for engines.

ATMOSTAT concentrates its expertise on materials in application niches more especially in scientific, spatial and aeronautical domains with beryllium, niobium, tungsten, titanium and their alloys, as well as with martensitic steels.


Non-metallic materials

PMB proposes a wide range of alumina and zircon for X-ray tubes, particle accelerators, medical implants and components for nuclear power plants and reactors. Surface treatments (electrolytic, particle removal, etc.) and oxidation heat treatment are integrated into processes.

ALSEAMAR develops syntactic foams, mainly comprising an epoxy resin base completed by hollow microspheres. These foams possess mechanical (especially pressure resistance up to 1000 bars), thermal, low density and differentiating durability characteristics. They are used for submarines, ROV robots, buoys for the oil industry, etc.



NAOMARQ proposes a range of luminescent nanoparticles for signing products on which or in which they are placed. Invisible to the naked eye, but perceptible to suitable readers, they are used in the fight against counterfeiting.

NANOINSPECT develops a personal sensor, which is a way of monitoring industrial nanoparticles inhalated by work forces exposed during their professional activities.

Predictive aging study – the APASE method
Mechanical & realization Engineering
Syntactic foams
Thin metallic layer for high pressure storage tank
Seamless fittings for Nuclear applications
Identification by luminescent nanoparticles
Identification and quantification of inhaled nanoparticles

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