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From gamma rays to waves of just a few kHz, electromagnetic waves are present in a large number of applications in our daily lives, from health to communications, from transport to defence.

The companies in the ALCEN group have taken up the challenge of applying their expertise in different developing fields and, thanks to their specific know-how, have succeeded in positioning themselves as leaders in their respective fields of business.

ALSEAMAR designs and develops antenna systems for broad-band marine radio-communications where dynamics are particularly high. ALSEAMAR specializes more particularly in designing antennas and antenna standards for submarines, where the compactness criterion brings an exceptional level of complexity into play. To meet this requirement, ALSEAMAR has incorporated several frequency ranges into a single antenna where high electrical voltages and radiant elements co-exist together. 

PMB designs and produces linear accelerators for medical applications (radiotherapy), industrial X-rays or even for security in applications requiring high energy X-rays (1 to 15 MeV).

PMB linear accelerators use pulsed high-voltage in frequencies from 3 to 9 GHz for meeting a wide range of requirements, from highly compact systems to high dose-rate accelerators (120 Gy/min at 1 m).

IRELEC proposes control and analysis instruments to academic and pharmaceutical research using X-rays such as the XRF, automatic systems for protein crystallography, particle accelerators and neutron generators.

IRELEC is a partner of major European scientific research entities.

A contract research company it accompanies its industrial clients when they are confronted by know-how problems on high voltage or radiation protection phenomena.

ITHPP designs, builds and operates very high power pulsed systems (high voltage and/or high current over very short periods). These generators may be used for rapid X-ray applications, for generating intense pulsed magnetic fields or even for supplying high-power micro-wave sources.  

High pulsed power LTD
Linear accelerators
Multifunction antennas for submarines
Isentropic compression generator
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