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Chemistry and biochemistry

Although not a generalist in biochemistry and chemistry, ALCEN has developed a number of skills to support some of its business ventures in the medical and energy fields.

SEIV uses 'Sol-Gel' technologies, for example to protect the optics in the Megajoule Laser lines.

NANO INSPECT offers occupational health and safety measurement services to detect the presence of manufactured nano-particles, and to assess workers exposure. It combines different technologies, among which X-rays, for chemical analysis of composition and size.

ALCEDIAG brings the benefits of biochemistry to medical psychiatry.

PMB aims to provide short half-life radioactive tracers using chemical compounds considered to be uncommon in these applications.

Predictive neurospychiatric toxicology test of drug candidates "EDITOX"
Identification and quantification of inhaled nanoparticles
Diagnostic test "EDITDIAG"
Sol-Gel coating process

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