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For meeting critical safety and reliability criteria, ALYNOX has been making non-welded hydroformed or cold-formed connections in different grades of stainless and carbon steel as well as in nickel alloys since 1964. These parts produced in small and medium volumes with dimensions that are either to standards or specific, are for applications in nuclear power, ship-building, petrochemical, energy production and aviation industries.

To meet its customers’ requirements, ALYNOX has developed and patented various tools as well as a method of hydroforming for cold forming tees, elbows and reducers from tubing, in which there are no welding operations.


P.A. du Pont Béranger

44680 Saint Hilaire de Chaléons


+33 (0)2 40 02 18 70
  • Seamless fittings for Nuclear applications
  • Seamless fittings for Nuclear applications