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The use of electrical energy sources by complex systems is increasing regularly. For this reason, mastery of the corresponding technologies is of strategic importance.

As a result, ALCEN has developed exceptional skills and state-of-the-art know-how in the domain of power, by placing innovation at the heart of its industrial expertise.

Storage of electrical energy is PROLLiON’s core competency. The company develops and manufactures cells and battery systems using the most innovative lithium-ion technologies. Combining its own expertise and its research partnership with a key player in this field (CEA LITEN) PROLLiON offers a broad range of custom designed solutions, from cells to battery management including mechanical integration along the way. These battery systems are especially aimed at applications requiring high power, for which suitable solutions have been developed in terms of mechanics, electrics and thermics. Thanks to its innovative technologies and know-how, PROLLiON is able to maximize the power-energy ratio, while optimizing the weight and volume of the battery system

For several decades, TRONICO has been a recognized manufacturer of electronic systems and boards. In parallel to this initial vocation, TRONICO has also developed design know-how in high power systems calling upon its electronic design office (oriented towards analog applications) and its component technology department. The latter department enables limits of components used in designs to be quantified for accurately assessing their reliability and length of service life. With all this experience behind it, TRONICO assumes a main contracting role on projects, especially in the domain of energy, by coordinating the activities of the different ALCEN actors (mechanics, thermics, energy storage and electricity management systems, etc.).  

ITHPP’s skills are mainly based on generating very high pulsed power. These technologies  make it possible to deliver very short electric pulses(between one billionth and several hundred millionths of a second), during which very high voltages and currents are generated (up to several million volts and/or several million amperes) Applications in these technologies cover a wide range of fields (lightning simulation, intense magnetic field physics, high power microwaves, rapid X-rays, behavior of materials under high dynamic pressure, dislocation of materials and equipment, separation of composite assemblies, etc.). ITHPP relies on a wide range of know-how for designing its systems – from plasma physics to materials science, electromagnetism and rapid metrology.

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