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3D electrothermal simulation tool

Epsilon R3D is a 3D electrothermal simulation tool used for packaging and bonding on electronic components.

During the study and design phase of electronic component, electronic design engineers must comply with thermal specifications whilst optimizing operating and electrical performance at the same time. As these two phenomena are coupled together, it is vital that temperature ranges be explicitly linked with electricity losses and vice-versa.

This is what can be done with Epsilon R3D.

Unique capacities compared with tools already present on the market

Specialized in electrothermal design of microelectronic components and their packaging, in performance optimization and in determining their real reliability, Epsilon R3D is a simulation tool that is unique on the market, endowed with extra modeling capacity.

“Epsilon R3D is both a simulation tool and a design tool”

Designed for use by all the actors in the electronic component and electronic board design chain, especially product designers, electronic engineers and applications engineers, it is a tool that reconciles thermal experts and non-experts.


Its main assets:

  • rapidity of calculation:
    Epsilon R3D is based on the Boundary Element Method. Reducing the dimension of the problem under study by one unit significantly diminishes calculation times, whilst being capable of analyzing problems more complex than those processed by traditional methods.
    “With Epsilon R3D, our new generation simulation software system, calculation times are divided by 10”;
  • thermal and electrical stress coupling, the only tool on the market:
    For the very first time, electronic design engineers can use a single software system for carrying out thermal analyses and optimizing operating and electrical performance at the same time.