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High precision ball bearings

ADR’s core business is the design and manufacture of high precision ball bearings.

ADR has the broadest range of bearings on the market. ADR's ball bearings range from 1 mm (bearing bore) to 330 mm (external diameter). They are available in numerous and multiple options.

The ADR miniature bearings comply with the highest technical standards (ABEC 9T – ISO 2) or higher if requested.

These very high-precision miniature bearings are made according to a specification that is drawn up by our design office and they incorporate the following distinctive features:

  • a high speed of rotation combined with an extremely low level of vibration;
  • a reduced friction torque;
  • a superior service life;
  • a manufacturing process that is fully controlled and has a comprehensive traceability system (certification EN9100).

The scope of work includes mechanical gyroscopes, inertial units, turbomolecular pumps, aeronautical equipment (fuel pumps, air valves…)

What's more, ADR has expertise in rare and highly specific technologies dealing with thin section ball bearings (so-called "annular" bearings).

Because of the repeatability of the manufacturing process and the resulting precision of the bearing geometry, the level of quality obtained is second to none:

  • rotations that are exceptionally precise (ABEC 7P bearings up to 330 mm in diameter);
  • en expertise in preloading pairs of bearings: measured and manufactured according to specifications, the "solid and controlled" preload makes it easier to apply  forces to the pairs of thin section bearings during assembly, thereby saving costs (direct costs as well as those resulting from quality issues);
  • a perfect compromise between stiffness and the friction torque, thanks to the geometric precision and the preloading know-how available;
  • the reduction of geometric and alignment defects, the increase in the angular stiffness and more compact designs thanks to a "super duplex" version (outer ring with double grooves);
  • the simplification of assemblies and improved performance because of the reduction in the number of interfaces that can be achieved by designing "integrated" bearings;
  • the risks associated with complex bearings assemblies are transferred to ADR thanks to the integration of functions on these "integrated" bearings where the performance is guaranteed by the design.

These acknowledged benefits produce significant gains both in performance and cost savings for high precision systems such as gyrostabilised optronics systems (pointing, surveillance), optical turrets (armoured vehicles, helicopter…), robotic arms for use in surgeries or space…