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High definition cameras and mega-pixels

These compact video cameras are endowed with rugged simplified structures offering a quality of image far above CCIR standards. Designed with an architecture including a single small size board (HEMERA HD, supporting sensor types from 1/6” to 2/3”) up to three boards (HEMERA MEGA with 11 MPx sensor), they incorporate on-board software to improve image quality, such as contrast improvement and noise reduction. They are used in all scientific, industrial, safety and military applications when observing details in real time become important.


With the size of a 24 x 36 camera, this is a real video camera that generates a signal from its 11-million pixel sensor.

Fitted with a dynamic calibration system, it provides a video flux of more than 5 images per second, ideal for on-board surveillance, road safety applications, etc.


With its single-board architecture that makes it extremely compact, this hardened video camera is highly suitable for embedded surveillance systems (aircraft or drones).

It possesses a calculation capacity (FPGA, Memory), used to improve image quality both independently and transparently for the user.