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AER possesses a range of ring-type shock absorbers designed for protecting optronic equipment, whilst complying with accurate alignment requirements at the same time. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for on-board means of observation in civil and military applications (land vehicles, drones, aircraft, etc.)

Maximum stiffness and high shock-absorbing capability also makes them useful for filtration applications, (suspension for accelerometers for example) or mechanical uncoupling (suspension for fragile payloads).

The range of shock absorbers is designed for protecting loads from several grams to several hundred kilograms.

The materials and procedures used make the shock absorbers compatible for land, air and space applications.

Shock absorption is obtained by using loaded or unloaded elastomer, whose characteristics are adjusted depending on requirements.

Mountings are mainly metallic: the materials used are adapted depending on the structure on which the shock absorbers are to be fitted.

The method for mounting suspension units may be by screwing, gluing or welding, as per system requirements. 


  • suspension for an inertial unit;
  • suspension for the sights on a space launcher;
  • suspension for accelerometers and observation optics.