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Propellant valves

AER has a range of flow-control valves for satellite propellant subassemblies.

These sturdily designed and tested valves are Flight Proven. The present range covers requirements for engines with a thrust of 1 to 500N, in mono-propellant or bi-propellant. They are used in apogee boost motors on geostationary satellites (telecoms), but also in propulsion for small low-orbit satellites for altitude control.

These valves can also be used for specific space applications: Using off-the-shelf equipment, only minor adaptations are required to meet individual specifications. AER valves are also used in launchers and scientific space mission applications.

These valves are all equipped with the latest innovations for improving their reliability and increasing their service life:

  • operation with no rubbing parts (no particle pollution generated by their use);
  • use of sealing materials that behave excellently with age;
  • a compact design giving good performance and very low magnetic pollution;
  • integrally welded valves to guarantee improved sealing.