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Ambition: to raise awareness and knowledge of energies

Energy is a vital issue for the balance of the world. So the relevant decisions taken are all the more critical because they will have long term effect.  Informing the public successfully can help to influence decisions at the right moment.

The Foundation created at the initiative of ALCEN aims to enhance the general public’s knowledge of energies. It is a non profit making organization, which chooses and publishes relevant information on energies, whatever they may be.  It has a will to be pedagogic, and to give access to the greatest number. In this respect, the Foundation differs from a research centre and, in essence, it is free of any commercial or political dimension.

Its core values are neutrality, clarity and pedagogy.

The Expert Committee validates all pedagogical content before publication.  The members of this committee are renowned for their expertise in different types of energies (oil, renewable, nuclear, etc) or in the relevant stakes (geopolitical, economic, etc). They are the garantors of the quality of the information published, of the principle of neutrality and of the objectivity which we wish to maintain.

Foundation ALCEN