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Vibrations and shocks analysis

Vibrations and shocks are very present in many sectors of the industry and specifically those addressed by ALCEN group. AER has the ability to analyze a part, a mechanism or a full component under stressed by vibrations and shocks.

Most of the time it is needed to perform a constraint analysis to establish the capability of the studied design in term of level that can be handled with respect to vibrations and shocks stress.

Sometimes, when addressing micro-vibrations on optical assemblies for instance, it can be required to analyze the strain of the design under low level vibrations.

Materials of studied elements can have a linear behavior such as metals but we also address highly non linear material such as elastomer (sealing material of an assembly under vibrations load).

Finite elements analysis are performed with experimental updating when possible.

A knowledge database on materials and their dynamical characteristics: their ability to transmit and damp a vibration wave and shock is available and regularly updated.

Development works with academic partners allow a technology evolution.