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Extend the life cycle

The activities of extension of life cycle allow guaranteeing the functioning of a system during a second life expectancy. They include services of maintenance, treatment of obsolescence, modernization and design.

ATOB has specialized in these activities for enabling the ALCEN Group to be main contractor in global contracts and for proposing made-to-measure services:

  • equipment assessment 

  • optimization of engineering support

  • maintenance and repair

  • obsolescence management and reverse engineering

  • modernization

  • technical assistance, worksite in France and oversea

  • repair and hot-line

  • supply of spares parts

  • management of documents, technical information, experience feedbacks and configuration upgrades

  • training.

Defense & Security

  • Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV)

  • Equipment for special forces

  • Breathable gas supply systems 

  • Pressure equipment, respiratory system and safety equipment

Oil & Gas

  • ROV and Subsea Tooling (ROV, tie-in, drilling)

  • Subsea Production Systems (SPS) and Subsea control unit

  • Subsea installation equipment (LARS, winches, Tensioners)

Test benches 

  • Diving equipment, parachutes, optical, centrifuge, Hydraulic, safety valve