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Electronic equipment’s Through Life Support

Where operational uptime of electronic systems is critical, it is essential to:

  • manage component supply;
  • maintain an adapted skills base;
  • maintain a suitable means for production and testing.

TRONICO answers these requirements, providing:

A permanent service rate

Specially trained technicians carry out returns management, keeping computer records of operations, performing failure diagnosis, quoting repairs, and replacing defective components. Repaired products undergo final testing, and are shipped to the customer’s site.

Product updates  La remise à niveau

According to customers’ requirements, TRONICO upgrades products to the required configuration level (retrofit).

Management of obsolete products:

  • locating components: carried out by buyers dedicated to operational uptime;
  • identifying an equivalent component (with component testing and characterisation);
  • supplying end of life components (LBO);
  • packaging dies.

Re-manufacture of products

In case of older products, for which manufacturing files no longer exist, TRONICO is able to set up specific techniques in order to re-create production files.

Safe storage

TRONICO’s safe storage facility maintains operational uptime for equipment made up of obsolete parts. This storage can be used for strategic components, sub-assemblies and assemblies over long periods. Items are placed into nitrogen-filled packaging, protected against ESD, with tracking. The storage facility is air-conditioned and it is protected against burglary, fire and flooding.