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ALSOLEN develops medium-power Fresnel reflector solar thermal power plants (up to 100 MWth or 20 MWe) known by the same name, ALSOLEN. These use oil as the heat transfer fluid and have a direct rock-bed thermocline thermal storage system. The heat transfer fluid reaches a temperature of 300 °C and transfers its thermal energy to applications that, depending on the needs of users, can be combined between: electricity, industrial heat, cold and desalination of seawater. ALSOLEN solar power plants are more specifically designed for operation in an isolated or semi-isolated grid and require an operating level that is not very restrictive.

The originality of ALSOLEN solar thermal power plants lies in part in their design, which incorporates as much manufacturing as possible on the installation site (thanks to the use of a mobile factory), high performance, low, easy maintenance, and a long service life. Integrated thermal storage is used to obtain operational autonomy appropriate to the needs of users, even several hours after sunset.

The technology used for each application corresponds to the design strategy of ALSOLEN power plants. The electricity generation applications use an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), the cold is generated by an absorption chiller enabling negative temperatures to be reached and fresh water by multi-effect distillation.

All of the ALSOLEN power plant development work has been done in conjunction with CEA LITEN and ALCEN subsidiaries.

A high-power thermal solar power plant (50 MWe and above) called ALSOLEN SUP is at an advanced stage of development. The ALSOLEN SUP technology will directly generate steam superheated to 450 °C and will have a three-stage thermal storage capacity. It will present specific clean innovations to the market and benefit from ALSOLEN innovations.

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