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Boosted by the development of new civil applications (digital cameras, HD multimedia television as on latest mobile phones generation, HD streaming on Internet, etc.) military observers' requirements related to what is called "vision" have not stopped increasing over the last twenty years. Implicit, yet clear expectations can be summarized by:

"Just like on television!"

As a result, HD, real time, stable and reliable images, in color except at night-time, are requested for distances from several dozen meters to several dozen kilometers.

To produce this quality of image, ALCEN cancels or attenuates effects of meteorological environment (rain, salt or ordinary mist, heat and luminosity). With respect to on-board equipment, it must also cope with vibrations (flying, driving), physical shocks (decking, or gun shot), thermal shocks (heat, cold or sudden variations) electromagnetic disturbances (aircraft or drones), over or under-pressure, gamma radiation (nuclear power buildings) weight limitations, etc.

LHERITIER's solution is based on its four complementary fields of expertise:

  • system engineering:  choice of technology (passive, active imagery), of architecture (simple and light such as a single-board camera), of on-board intelligence (FPGA, memory), and studies of multifunction support structures (insulation, sealing, filtering, shock-absorbing, armoring, etc.);
  • components: choice of sensor (CCD, CCIR, CMOS or SCMOS), Positioning – routing boards in 10 or 12 layers with buried coppering to optimize compactness and EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) behavior;
  • software: Including algorithms on the camera to correct sensor errors, compensating for poor light, low contrast level, high levels of "noise" or even to electronically stabilize aiming, zooming or focusing;
  • hardware/software compatibility: sizing hardware architecture to provide sufficient video flux in real time.
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