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In partnership with the CEA LITEN (Laboratory of Innovation for technologies of new Energies and Nanomaterials) in Grenoble, NAOMARQ offers to all the industrialists eager to protect themselves from counterfeiting or to guarantee the origin of their products, to integrate a complex optical tracer into their product or one of its components to manufacture. This taggant is invisible to the naked eye and returns a unique optical signature when it’s excited at a given wavelength.

Real DNA of the product, this unique optical signature, which is also accepted in courts of law as evidence of ownership, is detected and authenticated with a handheld, secured and dedicated reader.

From nano to micro particles and from mineral to organic material, these taggants can be applied to every medium and carrier (glass, polymers, paper, fabrics, metal, ceramics or even inks, lacquers, varnishes, etc.) and to all sectors of activity (plastics, cosmetics, automobile, aeronautics, clothing, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, wines and spirits, tobacco, packaging, etc.). Easy to apply and cost effective, this technology is one of the most sophisticated and robust solution on the market to authenticate and to protect your products.


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  • Naomarq: Identification by luminescent nanoparticles