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It is the European Thermal Research Company specialized in the Architecture of High Technologies Systems (Civil and Defence).

Its Research & Development, recognized at the international level, is supported by the French Ministry for Research (labelled RTO for Research and Technology Organisations), because its specific know-how contributes to the Competitiveness of the European industry. This label is the evidence for its capacity for technological transfer between industry (from space to automotive by aeronautics) and between laboratories and industry.

For nearly 20 years, its R&D and its partnership with European industrial groups and laboratories, have the objective to position the company as an excellence centre in the field of thermics associated with the major disciplines of physics (mechanics, mechanics of the fluids, electronics...) called thermal-multiphysics.

The activities of high level engineering are design, architecture, analysis, modeling, simulation and tests in the field of thermal-multiphysics for companies such as component manufacturer, equipment manufacturer and system integrator.