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Identification by luminescent nanoparticles

In partnership with the CEA LITEN in Grenoble, NAOMARQ develops invisible marking and authentication solutions, compatible with all types of material, and which involve no visual modification to the products and/or their technical characteristics. Incorporated into the product or its packaging, in depth or on the surface, NAOMARQ markers provide indisputable authentication that is both discrete and permanent and which remains inseparable from the product.

Amongst its different marking solutions, NAOMARQ has developed OxyMarq, a solution especially suited to Defense and Security applications. This patented process uses anodic oxidation in sulfuric or chromic acid. It consists of trapping luminescent nanoparticles on the surface of a treated metal part for incorporating a unique, invisible optical code into the part. The optical code complies with all customer confidentiality requirements.

OxyMarq is suitable for all shapes, sizes and types of metal parts in Aluminum or Titanium and their respective alloys.  Incorporated into the whole surface of the part, OxyMarq can only be detected by a dedicated reader.

Example: Certificate of origin incorporated into all, so-called sensitive parts for authenticating them and confirming their origin.